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"Produces Outstanding Copy"

\"I\'ve coached many young copywriters in my career and Deanna is clearly one of the very best. She\'s creative, a quick study, fun to work with and produces outstanding copy. If you get the chance to hire Deanna Blanchard, my advice is to jump at it!\"

-- Clayton Makepeace,
Response Ink

"Cranks Out Killer Copy Fast"

\"When we brought Deanna on staff as a copywriter, she was all raw talent and no experience. But that didn't last for long. I put her to work promoting to our house file and soon she was writing strong copy that pulled in sales like crazy. She moved quickly up through the ranks to become our in-house health copywriter.

"Deanna is a quick learner and a pleasure to work with - and she was the copywriter I always turned to when I needed killer copy cranked out fast. If you have the chance to work with her, go for it!\"

-- Wendy Makepeace,
Response Ink

"Knocked My Socks Off"

\"When I read Deanna\'s work, I say, \"Wow, she\'s got real talent!\" After attending my Copywriting Boot Camp on Steroids, Deanna wrote landing page copy to promote my DVD - and her headline ROCKED! I love her energy and willingness to tackle any challenge. It\'s obvious that working with legendary copywriter Clayton Makepeace is rubbing off on her - because she really knows her stuff. If you can get on her schedule - do it while you can still afford her!"

--Carline Anglade-Cole
Million-Dollar Copywriter &
Editor of CopyStar

"Simply One of the Best Copywriters
I've Come Across"

"Deanna Blanchard is simply one of the best copywriters I\'ve come across. And I\'ve seen the work of just about all of them - especially from the one\'s available online. It should be no surprise, she combines phenomenal writing skills (she\'s a master story-teller and fiction author) who\'s studied directly under one of the greatest salesmen-in-print working today.

As one of top copywriter Clayton Makepeace\'s \"copy-cubs\" she\'s honed her skills writing for sales every day of the week. She writes the kind of engaging, can\'t-look away copy other copywriters can only dream about writing. Plus, Deanna\'s one of the few copywriters who understands \"tone and voice\" in copywriting and how they drive sales.

Not only that, but Deanna has enormous experience writing to customers and selling on the backend (you know, the place ALL the profit is made). Her sales-campaigns always seemed to beat our sales-targets when we worked together at Response Ink.

Amazingly, she\'s also a joy to work with. Smart, funny and fast Deanna can crank out killer-copy on demand that sells like crazy. If you\'re ever lucky enough to find an open spot on her schedule you\'d be a fool not to grab it."

--John Newtson
Direct Marketing Consultant

"One of the Best!"

\"Deanna is one of the best copywriters on the net today. I have had the pleasure of watching her hone her skills over the last two years and have seen the mastery at work. She has the talent to identify with your client, to tell their story, to feel their pain, and to bond with them. She will meticulously weave them into needing your product and wanting them to buy before they even get to the sales page. I have very much enjoyed working with her in designing product launches that have been great winners. Having Deanna on your team is a great asset, and now with her own agency - I certainly plan to use her as much as I can - and you should too!"

-- Jackie Stone
Outside the Box Marketing
and Consulting

"A Great Copywriter"

\"During the time I have worked with Deanna, she has gone from a good copywriter to a great copywriter. She is very passionate about her work and strives to maintain the highest level of quality in her writing - which I believe she achieves time and time again. Deanna is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a copywriter that is creative, dedicated, punctual, and follows through with critiques like a real pro.\"

--Graham Livengood
Web Designer
Response Ink

\"A Joy to Work With\"

\"Every Creative Director wants to work with a writer that takes direction well, has great ideas and creativity, can write in different tones and about different subjects and does all of that while meeting tight deadlines. Deanna Blanchard is that writer.

\"From the first project we worked on together, the relationship has been a breeze. There's no drama, no miscommunication, just great copy.

\"As a writer for our vitamin supplement brands--VRP, Health Resources and True Health--she wrote winning copy for direct mail (acquisition and retention) and the web (emails, landing pages and website product pages). Her flexibility in working in different mediums is one of her best assets.

\"Deanna is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her for any copywriting projects.\"

--Susan Lee
Director of Marketing
with a Digital Focus