"I’ve coached many young copywriters in my career and Deanna is clearly one of the very best. She’s creative, a quick study, fun to work with and produces outstanding copy. If you get the chance to hire Deanna Blanchard, my advice is to jump at it!" ~Clayton Makepeace, Response Ink

About Deanna Blanchard

I'm a direct response copywriter who specializes in the alternative health industry. I've also written for the financial and info products markets. My client list includes: True Health, Health Resources, Renown Health Products, InvestorPlace Media, and more.

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  • You Get a Genuine Makepeace Copy Cub

    I spent three wonderfully grueling years working under Clayton Makepeace – one of the most successful copywriters in America. Thanks to him, I learned the secret of how to tap into your prospects’ emotional hot buttons and send him running for his wallet. His tough crits and unending patience helped make me the copywriter I am today.

  • You Get Your Copy On Time – Every Time

    You have a marketing schedule to keep, and one late piece can throw a wrench in the whole works. So I make it my top priority to meet your deadlines. I am a fast, dependable writer, thanks to the years I spent cranking out emails, landing pages and other pieces for True Health… Health Resources… Personal Liberty… and more.

  • You Get Great Copy – Without Any Drama

    I’m agreeable, pleasant and respectful. I won’t kick up a fuss if you suggest changes to my copy. I’ll even offer suggestions for ways to expand and maybe even improve your marketing efforts. I want your experience working with me to be both fun and profitable.

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I've written literally hundreds of pieces of copy - including marketing emails, landing pages, direct mail pieces and more. You can check out a few of my pieces here...

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If you’re looking for a copywriter, the last thing you need from me is a lot of hype. You have a business to run. You want to generate new leads and increase your sales—FAST. And you need to find someone who can partner with you and make it happen. So I’m going to play it […]